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Bar Plots with errorbars with limits

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I am tring to draw a bar plot where my highest value on y-axis is 1. Then I want to draw errorbars(standard error of the mean) for each bar. But while doing so, for my highest bar, the errorbar is crossing my highest limit 1. How can I limit my errorbars for my plot. Thank you.
the cyclist
the cyclist on 10 Feb 2020
Can you post an example of what you mean? If I run the code
ylim([0 1])
then the figure I get is
Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 12.38.24 PM.png
The error bars are automatically cut off at the top.
Sansit Das
Sansit Das on 10 Feb 2020
Thank you for your suggestion. Kindly see the figure below. I want a small upper limit of errorbar for the last(highest) bar plot.

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Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 10 Feb 2020
Do you mean something like this?
% Pretend data
x = linspace(0,10,25);
y = linspace(0,1,25);
se = y/10;
% Amount that error bar will extend above 1
se_extra = (y + se) - 1;
% Amount of error bar to chop off upper bar
se_chop = max(0,se_extra);
% Amount to plot
se_top = se - se_chop;
se_bot = se;
xlim([0 11])
ylim([0 1])
Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 2.29.00 PM.png

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Marta G
Marta G on 10 Feb 2020
I am not sure if I understand your problem. You might get what you want if you work with the command ylim.
With your figure, you might get the same result if you use ylim([0 1]). You can slightly increase the upper limit and see if that solves your problem. If you want to this on a loop i would suggest adding a variable for this upperlimit.
Hope this helps!


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