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Write Array into OPC blocks in Simulink

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Tan Edwin
Tan Edwin on 8 Apr 2011
Commented: Attilio on 29 Jan 2019
How can i write array into OPC write blocks in Simulink?
I tried writing an array into Bucket Brigade.ArrayOfReal8 through the OPC Write Block provided by OPC Toolbox, but it appears that the OPC Write Block can only take in one element.
I also noticed that the dcumentation does not shows writing of array in simulink so is it not feasible to write array?
Methods i tried:
1) [1,2,3,4,5] from embedded matlab function and input into write block.
2) creating 5 constant block and using mux to combine them.

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Attilio on 29 Jan 2019
I had the same problem, which is strange as using MATLAB commands instead I could write arrays in the same kind of item, e.g.:
%% Initialization of an OPC client for data access by models
% (one array input)
Nsignals = 2; % number of signals array components
% Step 1 - Creating a data access client object, named 'da'
da = opcda('localhost','Matrikon.OPC.Simulation.1');
% Step 2 - Creating two groups in the client object, named 'grp'
grp = addgroup(da);
% Step 3 - creating one item in 'grp', with fully qualified item IDs
% given second argument of additem function
itm = additem(grp,'Bucket Brigade.ArrayOfReal8');
% Step 4 - reading the values of the two items of grp1
array_ini = zeros(1, Nsignals);
write(itm, array_ini);
r_grp = read(grp)
% Step 5 - disconnecting and saving the client for access from OPC Data Access Explorer and
save opcda_client da

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