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aggregate data of a dataset

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Megan on 16 Feb 2020
Edited: Megan on 19 Feb 2020
Hi guys how can I aggregate data vom my dataset array?


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Sindar on 16 Feb 2020
check out splitapply. You may need to change the format of your data, but it does exactly what you want:
G = findgroups(ds.seats);
mean_dist = splitapply(@mean,ds.score,G);
Switching to tables is probably a good idea:
ds = readtable("datasetT.csv");


Sindar on 16 Feb 2020
Sorry, I haven't actually used fillmissing much, so I'm not sure what's up. Regardless, I realized removing rows with missing entries is probably better for your purpose:
clean_ds = rmmissing(ds);
G = findgroups(clean_ds.Seat);
mean_dist = splitapply(@mean,clean_ds.score,G);
Megan on 16 Feb 2020
That worked out well Thanks!!!
One last question: now I have two rows with mean values.
How can I know which row is which seat number?
Sindar on 16 Feb 2020
Look at the second output from findgroups:
[G,G_seat] = findgroups(clean_ds.Seat);
At the end, you can make a summary table:
sum_table = table(G_seat,mean_dist)

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