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Write several 1x101 vectors to table for Latex

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I have 2 variable each of which are 1x101 size
A = AS_V ; % AS_V is 1x101
B = NeNMF_V; % NeNMF_V is 1x101
T = table(A,B);
save('savefile.dat', 'T')
How can i write these 2 variables into a table. so that i can use the handles to plot a figure in Latex. I want to have like 2 columns with the values of the varables and 1 row that have the names.

Accepted Answer

fred  ssemwogerere
fred ssemwogerere on 18 Feb 2020
Hello, this should do nicely:
A = AS_V'; % taking transpose to get a column vector of size 101x1
B = NeNMF_V';% taking transpose to get a column vector of size 101x1
% depending on if you are plotting A versus B or B versus A proceed to plot; (below assuming you are plotting A versus B)
hnd=plot(A,B);hnd.Parent.TickLabelInterpreter='latex'; % set tick labels to latex format
hnd.Parent.XLabel.String='vals A'; % x-label
hnd.Parent.XLabel.Interpreter='latex'; % set x-label to latex format
hnd.Parent.YLabel.String='vals B'; % y-label

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