About real time data processing in FMCW RADAR.

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AtoZ on 18 Feb 2020
Answered: Honglei Chen on 18 Feb 2020
clear all;
clear all;
%read the raw data .wav file here
c = 3E8; % (m/s) speed of light
%radar parameters
Tp = 20E-3; % (s) pulse time
N = Tp*FS; % # of samples per pulse
fstart = 2405E6; % (Hz) LFM start frequency
fstop = 2495E6; % (Hz) LFM stop frequency
BW = fstop-fstart; % (Hz) transmit bandwidth
f = linspace(fstart, fstop, N/2); %instantaneous transmit frequency
%range resolution
rr = c/(2*BW);
max_range = rr*N/2;
%the input appears to be inverted
trig = -1*Y(:,1);
s = -1*Y(:,2);
clear Y;
%parse the data here by triggering off rising edge of sync pulse
count = 0;
thresh = 0;
start = (trig > thresh);
for ii = 100:(size(start,1)-N)
if start(ii) == 1 & mean(start(ii-11:ii-1)) == 0
% start2(ii) =1;
count = count + 1;
sif(count,:) = s(ii:ii+N-1);
time(count) = ii*1/FS;
%subtract the average
ave = mean(sif,1);
for ii =1:size(sif,1);
sif(ii,:) = sif(ii,:)-ave;
zpad = 8*N/2;
%2 pulse cancelor RTI plot
figure (20);
sif2 = sif(2:size(sif,1),:)-sif(1:size(sif,1)-1:);
v = ifft(sif2,zpad,2);
R = linspace(0,max_range,zpad);
for ii = 1:size(S,1)
%S(ii,1) = S(ii,:).*R.^(3/2); %Optional: magnitude scale to range
S = dbv(S(:,1:size(v,2)/2));
m = max(max(S));
imagesc(R,time,S-m,[-80, 0]);
ylabel('time (s)');
xlabel('range (m)');
title('RTI with 2-pulse cancelor clutter rejection');
Hi everyone.
I used windows recorder to record .wav file for doing ranging radar experiment.
I used above code for processing .wav file to ranging radar.
however I wanna making real-time FMCW radar.
so how can I modify the above matlab code?
I think that I have to get an real-time wave data from antenna.
I'll wait anyone's greatful help.

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