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Multiobjective optimization using gamultiobj

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Sarsarah on 25 Feb 2020
Commented: Alan Weiss on 25 Feb 2020
Dear all.
I currently working to find the optimal value from refrigeration system with multiobjective optimization using gamultiobj , i used two objective function and four decision variable:
  1. Exergy efficiency (i want this value to be maximum) - f(1)
  2. and Economic Cost (i want this value to be minimum) - f(2)
but when i run the optimization, the output value of the objective function are all the same.
i guess its because of the objective function, but i dont know how to fixed it. can you all please help me?
thank you.
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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 25 Feb 2020
Did you try running your code for different input values? Is it possible that you don't really have a tradeoff region, but instead have an optimum that works for both objectives simultaneously?
You could also try paretosearch with some plot options on, just to see what it does with your objective function.
Alan Weiss
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