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Titas Chattopadhyay
Titas Chattopadhyay on 25 Feb 2020
I have installed R2019A for my macbook air which was a trial version, now I want to buy the student suite license for R2019A, how do I get it?


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M on 25 Feb 2020


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Fitsum Asrat Zemedkun
Fitsum Asrat Zemedkun on 3 Sep 2020
Thank yoou so much for the quick reply.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Sep 2020
It is probably too late to buy R2019a.
Within three weeks, R2020b will probably be released.
Fitsum Asrat Zemedkun
Fitsum Asrat Zemedkun on 10 Sep 2020
@Walter Roberson Thank you for the information.

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