Find and replace in a character array

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vedesh Mohit
vedesh Mohit on 6 Mar 2020
Edited: BobH on 6 Mar 2020
Hey, I have this character array F='(B~C) + (~AB)'. How can I assess the array to locate all the terms that has a ~ before it and replace it with a ('). So ~C should be C'. Therefore I would like F to be F=(BC') + (A'B)

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Mar 2020
F='(B~C) + (~AB)'
F = regexprep(F, '~(.)', '$1''')

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BobH on 6 Mar 2020
Edited: BobH on 6 Mar 2020
See regexprep and remember that to get a single-quote it must be doubled up in the replacement string
F='(B~C) + (~AB)';
regexprep(F,'~(.)','$1''') % ~ plus next character into that character plus single quote
ans =
(BC') + (A'B)

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