Reduce MATLAB method startup time

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mclaus000 on 10 Mar 2020
Commented: mclaus000 on 16 Mar 2020
I am running a number of MATLAB compiled methods from within a >NET winforms application.
The verty first time I call any of the compiled methods, the startup time is very long (1-2 minutes). I expect this is because the matlab run-time is bing initialized. Is there an approproate way to initialize theMATLAB run-time beofre I attempt to call a particualr method? If there was some mehod I could call during the form startup, then my user would not need to experience this delay.

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BobH on 10 Mar 2020
I couldn't find a way to avoid the delay, but I use this to give the user a reason for the delay. It uses my specific situation where on a fresh start of MATLAB, inmem reports 22 items, but after the long delay completes, inmem reports 237 items.
if( length(inmem) < 100 )
disp(' ... allow 30 seconds to preload more of MATLAB. This is a one-time delay.');
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mclaus000 on 16 Mar 2020
Thanks for your response. I find this to be a prety annoying aspect of trying to bundle MATLAB with another app. I did something similar, which I pop up a window if it is the first time I've called a matlab method

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