Exclude Signal from Delay Balancing

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I have a DocBlock based Blackbox implementation for IO Communication in a HDL Coder Simulink Project.
It requires direct GPIO Connection and has a Output for postprocessing through Simulink generated HDL.
How can I keep delay balancing on, for the whole system, while routing the IO connections of the Blackbox directly to GPIOs?
Currently the IOs get balanced as well which obviously messes with their timing.
I thought giving the Signals Inf Sampling Time or linking the Blackbox IO directly to the GPIOs(through their HDLCoder Properties) should work, but the first is not allowed and the second is simply ignored. Is there a way to achieve this? Or is it simply disabling global delay balancing to give the GPIO Connections a way out and then enabling it for other subsystems?
Thank you.

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 13 Mar 2020
Can you share your model?
This example shows how to balance delays in specific parts of a design, without balancing delays on the entire design.
I wonder if it can address your modeling problem.
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Dominique Görner
Dominique Görner on 13 Mar 2020
I stumbled upon the problem, when activating delay balancing for a test System with only the ADC Blackbox and a Rate Transition->Not->Zero-Order-Hold Chain for the ADC Output. The GPIOs got matched to the ADC Output, which didnt work out.
I'm not sure if the example will work:
Here is my final setup:
The global System,Blackbox ADC and Blackbox Encoder must have balancing disabled, because the GPIOs should not have any delay.
The Transform must have balanced Inputs because it will perform calculations by multplication/addition of the two. Will the Transform balance its inputs, if it has knowledge of the Implementation Latency of the 2 Blackbox Designs? Or does Delay balancing for the Transform Subsystem only balance the outputs?
My understanding of your example tells me the latter is true. Which gives me two options:
-Activate Global Delay Balancing and somehow exclude the GPIO Connections
-Manually Balance the Delay between the two Blackboxes

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