How to constrain Neural Network output weights to fixed values

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Hello everyone,
i have the necessity to train a NN to predict a certain output y(t) given a dataset [x(t) w(t)]. where x and w are signals in time [x(1) x(2)...w(1) w(2)....]
I need the shape of the network to be:
Meaning that i give x and w as input to my network and the training procedure has to learn something like the equation before. F and G can be nonlinear but the relation between G and w has to be G(x)*w and this last product has to sum with F.
By playing with layers of NN i defined this structure in the image attached. My idea is to "fix" weights on the output layer to be 1 and w(k).
How can i do this in matlab? Is it possible to do this?
Thanks in advance

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Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila on 21 Mar 2020
You can access the layer weights as follows:
You can set any values to the above weights and set the net.layerWeights{i,j}.learn to 0 so that the weights won't be altered during the training & adaption. In this case setting a specific weight for a connection is not possible since the property net.layerWeights{i,j}.learn is defined for the entire connections between layers i and j.
net.layerWeights{i,j}.learn = 0
net.LW{i,j} = ones(size(net.LW{i,j})) % any weights of size(net.LW{i,j})
If your network architecture is defined and trained already:
Then you can set weight of a connection between nodes k & l of layers i & j as follows:
net.LW{i,j}(k,l) = 1
and then use the network.
The above things can be done to Input wieghts too.


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