Deep learning syntax error

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Sunusi Abdullahi
Sunusi Abdullahi on 24 Mar 2020
Commented: Sunusi Abdullahi on 28 Mar 2020
Please can someone help me to fix this error, I am trying to train deep network for classification but I ended up having this error each time the program is running, below is the snapshot of the code and error message as well

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Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula on 25 Mar 2020
You cannot perform array operations on imageDatastore objects. In the above case histeq(test_data(:,:,[3 2 1])) and others. One possible workaround is read images and then perform the operation
Hope this helps!
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Sunusi Abdullahi
Sunusi Abdullahi on 28 Mar 2020
Thank you for your information, but still while trying to read the images, I also ended up with different error message which is "pixelLabel has RGB-Triplet while the network is expecting input with pixelLabel scalar IDs".
the full error message is attached above

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