How to process multiple sub - folders in main folder

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Wen Jun Chua
Wen Jun Chua on 25 Mar 2020
Edited: Wen Jun Chua on 26 Mar 2020
I'm currently in the process of processing data from 5 files within a folder. I have 1 main folder containing 8 subfolders, each containing 5 files. Right now im already able process the files within 1 single sub-folder to how i want. However I want to be able to process the each individual subfolder(Data type analysised is same for all subfolders). Sub folders are called (70ml, 80ml....).
Code: (For 1 sub-folder)
cd 'C:\Hello\A.......\70ml'; (Main Folder called 'C:\Hello\A' containing 'C:\Hello\A.......\70ml', 'C:\Hello\A.......\80ml' etc)
files = dir('*r.png');
compiledArr = zeros(8,5)
for i = 1:size(files)
filename = string(files(i).name);
SummaryPage = imread(filename);
J = imresize(SummaryPage, 4);
roi = [1589 528 1376 1368];
ocrResults = ocr(J, roi);
for LC = 1:8
wordCells = ocrResults.Words;
tempStr = wordCells(LC);
tempStr = strrep(tempStr,",","");
tempNum = str2double(tempStr)
valArr(LC, 1) = tempNum
switch i
case 1
compiledArr(:, i) = valArr
case 2
compiledArr(:, i) = valArr
case 3
compiledArr(:, i) = valArr
case 4
compiledArr(:, i) = valArr
case 5
compiledArr(:, i) = valArr
Do you have any suggestions on how this could be done? Thank you!

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Rashedur Rahman
Rashedur Rahman on 26 Mar 2020
Try this code please.
You should check the following link also
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Wen Jun Chua
Wen Jun Chua on 26 Mar 2020
Hi, i tried the code and repace with my own directories and such but i now have an error called
Index exceeds the number of array elements (1).
at this line tempStr = wordCells(LC);
Could it be because of i hardcoded at the switch part? any suggestion on improvement i can do

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