How can extract specific value from a column contains 3 conditions

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I faced problem of separating the data in .csv file. I have huge data consiste of 81 csv, and each file consists of 887808x74 matrix. My work depends on separted 3 conditions (labels) based on third column which has condition 1 , condition 2, and condition 3. I want to put each condition togethor for example condition 1 with all information that related in other columns togethor and so on for other conditions. i tried to do it by myself but not work.
If any one has idea to help me i will appretiate that. it can find out the sample of the file in attachment.

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Peng Li
Peng Li on 25 Mar 2020
I assume that you are using datastore and tall array.
Suppose tb is your tall table. You can use tb1 = tb(tb.(3) == 1, :) to get a subtable that has condition 1 on the third column. and similarly use tb(tb.(3) == 2, :) to get a subtable that has condition 2.
Is this what you want?

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