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How to plot this equation?

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jaehak choi
jaehak choi on 6 Apr 2020
Answered: Asvin Kumar on 12 Apr 2020
What I have to put for plotting follow equation...

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darova on 6 Apr 2020
The question is unclear for me. Can you be more specific? What problems are you facing? Do you have any attempts?

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Asvin Kumar
Asvin Kumar on 12 Apr 2020
Your question is unclear to me as well. I’m not sure what the independent variables are here.
There are broadly two main ways you can approach this problem.
  1. Numerical plots: You compute the function value over certain ranges of the independent variables and use that to plot your function. Here is a list of examples to get you started:
  2. Symbolic plots: You can define your function as a symbolic expression and use fplot to plot the function. Here’s a link on constructing symbolic expressions: and another link with details on how to plot them:


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