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Craig on 27 Jan 2011
I am working with a GUI, and would like to set up a listbox that contains a counter (starting from 0 and counts up until the user is finished). I have already written the code for the counter, and am wondering how I integrate the counter within the box?
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Zain Mecklai
Zain Mecklai on 27 Jan 2011
I'm not sure what you mean exactly. It seems like all you want to do is set the Listbox String and Value.

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Zain Mecklai
Zain Mecklai on 27 Jan 2011
So assuming I understand what you mean you can do:
set(listbox_handle, 'string',count)
However, if you want to just display a single number, you can also use other UI elements as described in this example.


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