Error, matrix dimension must agree

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Voc = app.LinetolinevoltageVocEditField.Value;
Ioc = app.LinetolinecurrentAocEditField.Value;
Woc = app.ThreephasepowerkWocEditField.Value/3;
Vsc = app.LinetolinevoltageVscEditField.Value;
Isc = app.LinetolinecurrentAscEditField.Value;
Wsc = app.ThreephasepowerkWscEditField.Value/3;
Vp = app.PrimarysidelinevoltageVEditField.Value;
Vs = app.SecondorysidelinevoltageVEditField.Value;
a = Vp ./ Vs;
Voc = Voc/sqrt(3);
pfoc = Woc/(Voc*Ioc);
app.errorTextArea.Value = 'Error! Power factor is more than 1!';
Ro = Voc/(Ioc*pfoc);
app.RcTextArea.Value = num2str(Ro);
sineoc = sin(acos(pfoc));
Xm = Voc/(Ioc*sineoc);
app.XmTextArea.Value = num2str(Xm);
Isc = Isc/sqrt(3);
pfsc = Wsc/(Vsc*Isc);
app.errorTextArea.Value = 'Error! Power factor is more than 1!';
Req = Wsc/(Isc*Isc);
Req = Req/(a*a);
app.ReqTextArea.Value = num2str(Req);
Zeq = Vsc/Isc;
Zeq = Zeq/(a*a);
Xeq = sqrt((Zeq*Zeq)-(Req*Req));
app.XeqTextArea.Value = num2str(Xeq);
I created 2 edit fields in app designer to allow user to input values into it and the program will calculate the a of it, but for the line a = Vp ./ Vs, it keeps showing matrix dimension must agree and I am running out of idea what should I do since I am still new to Matlab, any kind advices all comments will be appreciated, thanks and sorry for wasting your time!

Accepted Answer

Sampath Rachumallu
Sampath Rachumallu on 27 Apr 2020
Here Vp ,Vs are of class 'char' and cannot be divided. So you have to convert them to integer format for division.Try
a = str2num(Vp) ./ str2num(Vs);

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