How can I debug a simulink C caller block in Visual Studio?

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I have a model with some c caller blocks.. I am using Visual Studio 2017 -- How can I generated the debug symbols and ultimately used the VS debugger to set breakpointe

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David Balbuena
David Balbuena on 12 Apr 2022
In R2022a, a new feature was introduced to make it easy to debug custom code. You can refer to this page:
If you are still in a release before R2022a, it is possible to debug in Visual Studio, but the workflow is not as straightforward. For instructions on how to do that, refer to the documentation for your specific release. For example, here are the instructions for R2021b:
Nils van Oijen
Nils van Oijen on 20 Jun 2022
I had the same error, deinstalling other languages and setting Visual Studio to only English solved the problem for me.

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