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error and warning with jMAVSim in 'px4demo_P​ositionCon​troller_qu​adroptor'

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Hi, I'm running a SITL with jMAVSim from 'px4demo_PositionController_quadroptor'
When I exeucted the simulation, the simulation works well for the first few seconds.
However, errors are occurred after a few seconds like below.
I googled about my error and I found these errors can be occurred when the hardware of the computer is old.
I'm using i7-8865 CPU and 44GB RAM.
I think my hardware is not too old to simulate this example..
So I wonder if there is another reason for my errors.

Answers (1)

Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 28 Oct 2020
The issue should be resolved with the PX4 Firmware support for v1.10.2 in R2020b. I recommend that you update the MATLAB to R2020b




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