How can I use set_param to set StartFcn from within a class method?

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I am trying to use
but the code when run inside StartFcn doesn't recognize 'app' or 'registerListeners'. 'app' is a parameter of the method this is called from, and 'registerListeners' is a public method in the same class.
I have tried:
  • Using a callback instead of putting the third argument in single quotes - says 'Invalid setting for block diagram parameter 'StartFcn'

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Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri on 7 May 2020
Can you add the error being thrown when you use 'app.registerListeners(app)' as the third parameter?
If this is the error,
The class app has no Constant property or Static method named 'registerListeners'.
you may try to convert registerListeners function to static to use it as a start function. Also, try to check if app and model are in same folder or add the folder containing app to the MATLAB path.
Matthew Drummond-Stoyles
Matthew Drummond-Stoyles on 13 May 2020
Yes but that is basically the same as what I am currently doing (using a global variable). It works but everything I've read says global variables are never the answer if you want to write clean code. It's surprising that this hasn't been asked before, since I am only at the stage of trying to link the user interface to my Simulink model.

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