Consolidator bug with custom function handle when no replicates exist

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ZITONG WANG on 5 May 2020
Answered: Sai Sri Pathuri on 8 May 2020
While using the function consolidator (, I noticed a bug which occurs when there are no replicates in the x-value ("index").
For example, consider the following scenario,
x = [0;1;1];
y = [1;2;3];
[xc,yc] = consolidator(x,y,@(x)log(mean(x)));
The desired output is:
yc = [log(1); log(5/2)]
But the actual output is:
yc = [1; log(5/2)]
So I think because the x-value 0 is not replicated, the function simply ignores the corresponding value in y, not applying the function to it. I'm wondering if there is a simple fix for this. I'm not sure if this is an intended effect for whatever purpose this function was designed to serve.
EDIT: so I've found a related problem that happens when trying to use functions such as @(x) mean(x) * log(mean(x)). This throws an error asking for (.*) to be used, which gives the wrong answer.
MATLAB Version: (R2019a) Update 7

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Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri on 8 May 2020
Consolidator is one of the several submissions in MATLAB File Exchange on MATLAB Central which is a forum for our product users to interact, exchange information and knowledge, without MathWorks' involvement. Feel free to contact the author of this submission directly for specific questions about the implementation


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