HDL Workflow Advisor: Error: Math function square is not supported for HDL code generation

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I'm trying to generate HDL code from my Simulink fixed point model, but at 2.3 Check Block Compatibility, the HDL Workflow Advisor returns the following error: "Math function square is not supported for HDL code generation". I am using four math function blocks with the squre function. Should the block not support HDL code generation?
The input of the block is a fixed(0,18,10) and the output is a fixed(0,18,5).

Answers (1)

Navya Seelam
Navya Seelam on 14 May 2020
You can generate HDL for square block in Native Floating Point mode and this can be done by changing Configuration Parameters --> HDL Code Generation--> Floating Point---> Floating Point IP Library . Moreover, the input must be of the data type single.

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