Disable data tips in live editor

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Arjun Sarin
Arjun Sarin on 14 May 2020
Answered: Arjun Sarin on 14 May 2020
I work with very long symbolic expressions in the Matlab Live Editor. When hovering over variables with the mouse, data tips are showing me a rendered version of the expression. This slows down my computer significantly and fluent editing is hard as rendering takes several seconds.
How can I disable the data tips on hover of symbolic expressions in the Live Editor? I tried Preferences -> Editor -> Display -> Enable datatips in edit mode, but this seems to only affect the "normal" editor, not the Live Editor.

Accepted Answer

Arjun Sarin
Arjun Sarin on 14 May 2020
tl;dr: In Matlab Windows -> View -> Data Tips
I found the related bug report: https://de.mathworks.com/support/bugreports/1584013?s_tid=answers_rc2-1_p4_MLT

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