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Simulink get_param and RuntimeObject

Asked by Alexandru on 6 Nov 2012
Is there a way to write this command: rto_add = get_param('TestMdl2/Add','RuntimeObject'); in one of the "Model callbacks" and to work while running the simulation?
I read that is possible to get the result if I use the PostLoadFcn function. The article said: "In a PostLoadFcn callback routine, however, get_param returns the model's parameter values because the model is loaded."
But it's not working...
What I want to do is to get my result and to display it on a GUI, but in real time while running the simulation.


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1 Answer

Answer by Ryan G
on 6 Nov 2012

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Ryan: I wonder if the second link is supposed to point to this topic:
Alexandru: In general, get_param should indeed work in or after the PostLoadFcn to query parameter settings. However, the RuntimeObject property is only accessible during simulation. Of all the model callback functions, the only ones that may be called during simulation are PauseFcn and ContinueFcn - the right way to use the RuntimeObject is using event listeners as Ryan suggested.

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