How can I create this image?

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Mara Pereira
Mara Pereira on 22 May 2020
Answered: Star Strider on 22 May 2020
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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 22 May 2020
It is much easier to create these objects in a 3D graphics modeling tool, such as blender:, export the mesh as STL file, and then use stlread(): to load it in MATLAB. It is certainly possible to create these shapes in MATLAB using patches and surfaces but that the solution can become complicated, and it cannot be applied to each general shape. For each shape, you will need to use a different technique.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 22 May 2020
Try this:
[X1,Y1,Z1] = cylinder;
X2 = bsxfun(@times, X1, [1.2; 0]);
Y2 = bsxfun(@times, Y1, [1.2; 0]);
Ax = gca;
surf(X1, Y1, Z1, 'FaceAlpha', 0.5)
hold on
surf(X2, Y2, Z1+max(Z1(:)), 'FaceAlpha', 0.5)
hold off
Ax.Color = [1 1 1]*0.7;
Ax.GridLineStyle = 'none';
Ax.XAxis.Color = 'none';
Ax.YAxis.Color = 'none';
Ax.ZAxis.Color = 'none';
Experiment to get the result you want.

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