How to press on specific point on curve

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Hi guys,
I plotted a curve, now I want to read some specific coordinates but it won't let me.
For example I want to put the cursor when the amplitude is 0.9 and I want to read the x coordinate but I can't, it just let me press on like 0.9027 or 0.88.
So my question is how do I specifically put the cursor on the y or x coordinate I want to read?
This is my code if it helps in anyway. Thanks in advance
data = ScopeData1.signals;
T =tout;
for i = 1 : 2
data1 = data(i).values;
plot(T, data1,'LineWidth', 1.5)
hold on
xlim([0 10])
ylim([0 2])
grid on

Accepted Answer

Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri on 27 May 2020
This is due to the Selection Style property which is by default set to Snap to Nearest Data Vertex. You may change this setting as below:
  • Select a point on the curve using data cursor
  • Right click on the data and change the Selection Style to Mouse Position

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