How do I get the time-frequency plot from given signal and DWT?

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Georgina Gocza
Georgina Gocza on 24 May 2020
Commented: Rasula Dias on 16 Apr 2021
I have a given signal. I know that I want to transform it with a Haar wavelet, and so I used wavedec to do just that:
[c,dcoeff] = wavedec(voltages,5,'haar')
This gives me back the coefficients. I also got the detail coefficient vectors:
I want to plot this in the time-frequency domain to get an image much like this:
...but I have no idea how to do that just from the data above. Could anyone please share a time-frequency-amplitude plot code for wavelet transformed signals?
Thank you!
Rasula Dias
Rasula Dias on 16 Apr 2021
Would be very grateful for the answer or to a link of it. I have the same question. Want to apply the DWT to an audio signal and visualize it.

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