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change shorkeys "ctrl+shift+0" for editor

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Chaowei Chen
Chaowei Chen on 8 Nov 2012
I understand that ctrl+shift+0 focuses window to the editor. I wonder if it is possible to change "ctrl+shift+0" to "ctrl+~" for example.
I wonder how useful "ctrl+shift+0" is. I have to move my right hand away from the mouse to keyboard. If using "ctrl+~", I can simply use my left hand.

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 8 Nov 2012
Why not just Alt+Tab your way through?
Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 8 Nov 2012
Alrighty! I use Alt+Tab so much anyway no matter how many windows are open that its practically a reflex. (I get a little GUI that pops up and shows me how many times to click anyway!)
Good luck, hopefully someone knows.

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