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Hi, I am writing a function to set the string in listbox to concatenate strings vertically. It works well somehow. The problems is that the data cannot be import to workspace and show variables results at command window. The error occur when there is no ';' after each calculation code and the warning message show the error is cause by the code of this function.
function display(handles,string_text)
if isnumeric (string_text)
string_text = num2str(string_text);
Warning message: ??? Input argument "string_text" is undefined.
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Yash on 16 Nov 2012
see you can display the initial numeric value in the command window as i see that you are already converting the numneric value to string for displaying it in the list box.

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Jan on 16 Nov 2012
Edited: Jan on 16 Nov 2012
I do not understand the question.
  • Your function sets the string to concatenate strings? What does this mean?
  • How do you try to import data to which workspace?
  • Which error occur? You've only posted a warning.
But I can guess, what might causing serious troubls:
display is an important built-in function. Shadowing it by a user-defined function is a bad idea. The function display() is called, when a code line is not terminated by a semicolon. So try to use a different name for your function.
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Shawn Chang
Shawn Chang on 16 Nov 2012
Thanks Jan. The problem really cause by the naming part of the function. After the name of the function has been changed, the GUI working well.

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