Standalone application not working with newer versions of Matlab runtime

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Debora Salomon Marques
Debora Salomon Marques on 1 Jun 2020
Answered: Harsh Tamakuwala on 16 Jun 2020
I have made an application using the compiler package, and found out that my users need to have Matlab runtime version 9.0. First of all, I was susprise this was the case. I thought a standalone application would run in any machine without needeing Matlab runtime.
Secondly, our company provided my users with Matlab runtime V9.7. I would expect that MATLAB runtime V9.7 should support any runtime version on or BEFORE that version (at least all V9.*), but doesn't seem to be the case.
Could you please advise?
Thank you,
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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 1 Jun 2020
The version of the runtime user needs to install depends on the Matlab version that was used to compile the application. The users must install the specific version of the runtime.
If you want to use the latest version of runtime, you need to recompile the app with the current version of Matlab.

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Harsh Tamakuwala
Harsh Tamakuwala on 16 Jun 2020
The application is linked to specific version of MCR you used to compile. A newer or older MCR installed doesnt work with an app compiled in a specific version of MCR.
Alternate way to get around that is, including MCR inside your app. If you are using deploytool, you simply need to select "Add MCR" and "Embed the MCR in the package" from the Package pane. It would contain all necessary packages from MCR needed.
(Caution: This will increase the size of your app by a few hundred mbs atleast)

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