Variables in workspace are not updated in Simulink when using Matlab function

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So, basically I create a system that produce an output array of repeating square pulse (eg. 111000111000) that I put into the Matlab workspace using a "To Workspace" block as shown in the figure
In the matlab function, I want to create a shifted version of the array to calculate the repeating pattern.So i create a script:
function fest = fcn(phasediff)
phasediffX = [phasediff(end),phasediff(1:end-1)]
for v=1:length(phasediff)
phasediffX = [phasediffX(end),phasediffX(1:end-1)]
if phasediffX==phasediff
fest = v
after running the script with Run Model, the only variable that was read in the workspace was the phasediff from the simulink.
How do I integrate these new variables (phasediffX & v) in the function, so i can get a proper output?

Answers (1)

Navya Seelam
Navya Seelam on 9 Jun 2020
Since you have used a single To Workspace block, only single variable phasediff is transferred to MATLAB workspace. In case you are trying to export more variables, use as many To Workspace blocks as required.


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