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Algebraic loop error after removing goto/from blocks

Asked by Alexandru on 23 Nov 2012
I have issues with some algebraic loop errors, the fact is that the model worked fine before removing some from/goto blocks but after I've removed these blocks I'm getting this error. The initial structure of the model was something like these:
*Inputs linked with Goto Blocks inside a subsystem -> From blocks inside a subsystem -> Library -> outputs subsystem*
I've removed the goto/from blocks because I think that they are unnecessary, and now the structure is like these:
*Inputs subsys - > Library -> Outputs subsys*
These change of removing the goto/from blocks was for speeding the simulation, and reducing all the unnecessary blocks. I don't understand why before removing the blocks everything worked perfect, and now I'm getting errors inside the library (where I haven't made any change), actually I didn't change anything except the Inputs.
Can anyone now why I'm having this behavior?
Thanks, Alex


What do you mean by
*Inputs subsys - > Library -> Outputs subsys*
I've made a sketch with the initial structure.
What I've did is that I've removed the first subsystem marked with grey... that contained all the constant blocks with the goto blocks. The rest is the same as before...

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1 Answer

Answer by Anthony Poulin on 23 Nov 2012

When you remove your Goto From Block, have you also removed "Unit Delay" block?
This can explain why now you have algebrical loop.


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