how to make numbering near "a" like: a1, a2, an

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Could you please tell me how to increase number near "a" so it could look like this:
b = 1; "ab = something" b = b + 1; ...
a1 = something; a2 = something; ... an = something;

Accepted Answer

Arthur on 25 Nov 2012
Please don't use dynamic variable names, matlab has plenty of options to store your data in a better way. Use cells or structs.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Nov 2012
If the "a" are being assign to simple numbers (not to strings, structures, cells, etc.), then using a simple numerical array is best and easiest:
for k = 1 : 118
a(k) = b; % a is floating point array, unless you explicitly cast b to an integer type.
b = b + 1; % Whatever.....

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moulay on 25 Nov 2012
for example_:
% for i=1:2:5
b=['a_' num2str(i)]
is that waht are u looking for?



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