Function estimateWo​rldCameraP​ose() or extrinsics() for fisheyeParameters is missing. Is it possible to change these functions for fisheye?

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POORNAPRAGNA LS on 15 Jun 2020
Commented: Ron Leonard on 24 Sep 2020
I am using a camera system which has a fisheye lens. I have calibrated the camera and I have the intrinsics. I want to estimate the extrinsics and camerapose for the camera. I have imagePoints, worldPoints and parameters of the camera.
But the function - estimateWorldCameraPose() cannot accept fisheyeParamaters or fisheyeIntrinsics.
My error is -
Error using estimateWorldCameraPose
Expected cameraParams to be one of these types:
cameraParameters, cameraIntrinsics
Instead its type was fisheyeIntrinsics.
Is it possible to change these functions for fisheye?
Or is it mathematically not possible?
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Qu Cao
Qu Cao on 16 Jun 2020
fisheyeIntrinsics can't be used directly. Instead, you can use undistortFisheyeImage function to produce both undistorted image for further processing and a "virtual perspective" camera intrinsics. See syntax which returns "camIntrinsics"
The new camIntrinsics can then be used in workflows involving a pinhole camera. It is a virtual pinhole camera created from the original fisheye camera. This new intrinsics object (non-fisheye) can then be fed into estimateWorldCameraPose.
Ron Leonard
Ron Leonard on 24 Sep 2020
the focal length and principal point return by undistortFisheyeImage isn't same with the actual camera. the new parameters is the virtual and ideal pinhole camera's.

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