more info about calculation xcorr

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LH101 on 16 Jun 2020
Edited: Shubh Sahu on 25 Jun 2020
I am wondering how the function 'xcorr' for normalization is calculated. In the Matlab help center ( the formula is given, but I don't really understand this formula.
If someone could explain this function, so how Matlab calculates xcorr1 = (xcorr, dataset1, dataset2, 'normalized'), would help me a lot
Thanks in advance,

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Shubh Sahu
Shubh Sahu on 25 Jun 2020
Edited: Shubh Sahu on 25 Jun 2020
Yeah sure, just go in command window and type
edit xcorr
and hit enter. Boom. The complete implentation is front of you with refrence paper if you want to know theory.


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