How do I record the location of a specific value in a set of data?

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I am very new to matlab, and would appreciate advice!
I understand my question is not entirely clear. So I am trying to go through data that looks like:
[1] 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0
And want the code to index until it encounters the first 1 (ignoring the rest of the 1s repeated in the row) then state the distance from the start of the row to the first 1 [so here it would be the distance from column 5 to column 1]
Then ideally it would repeat the same thing for a second row. My 'for' loop is not working, and ideally this code would work for dozens of rows of data. Thank you :)

Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 17 Jun 2020
First_1 = find(x,1) % where x is your row in the loop
Distance = diff(find(x,2))
Madison Castellanos
Madison Castellanos on 18 Jun 2020
here is my attempt
x=1; %represents number of rows
Distance=cell(3,1); %preallocating distance as an empty cell
for x=1:3 %since only 3 rows in 'exp'
First_1 = find(exp,x); % where x is your row in the loop
if First_1 < 7 %(for 7 columns, but I know this isn't right)
Distance = diff(find(exp,2))
So I know this code is not correct, but I am still encountering the same error as earlier. Any insight would be appreciated

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