how to plot poles,zeros, impulse response, step response, ramp response of the following system

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Lokesh Biswal
Lokesh Biswal on 19 Jun 2020
Answered: Tanmay Das on 19 Jun 2020
H(s)= 2s/(4s^2+3s+1)

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Tanmay Das
Tanmay Das on 19 Jun 2020
I have the understanding that you have all the theoretical knowledge related to your question. You are facing trouble in plotting zeros, poles and different system responses. The following code may help you:
numG = [2 0];
denG = [4 3 1];
grid on;
denG(end+1) = 0;
title("Ramp Response");
You may refer to the following documentations for further information:
Please note the following:
There is no ramp command in MATLAB. However, as the ramp signal is one order higher than step signal, the step input signal can be used to obtain the ramp response by dividing the transfer function by s and then evaluating it using the step command. If the given transfer function of system is G(s), then the step command is used with the modified function G(s)/s to obtain the ramp response.
Hope that helps!

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