Numpy 3d arrays to matlab

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Rémi Grisot
Rémi Grisot on 30 Jun 2020
Commented: Rémi Grisot on 6 Jul 2020
I have a dataset made of 3d arrays in numpy. I want to use this dataset in Matlab. I can write these 3d arrays to csv but they are written as string. I know how to deserialize them in python but not in Matlab. Is there a way to do so? Maybe using csv as an intermediate is not the best choice. Is there anything better you would recommend ?
Here is the code I use in Python for deserialization :
x_array = inputs.apply(lambda x:
.replace(' ',' '), sep=' ')
.reshape(20,20)).apply(lambda x:
Thank you!

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SC on 30 Jun 2020
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Rémi Grisot
Rémi Grisot on 6 Jul 2020
Thank you for the links, it helped me for some parts of the solutions. Here is what I produced :
arr_train = np.stack(data['hist'].values)'data/data.mat', mdict={'train': arr_train})
arr_valid = np.stack(data_valid['hist'].values)'data/data_valid.mat', mdict={'test': arr_valid})

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