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suitable feature for classification

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Hi I want to classify a set of image based on the image illumination, now i am using some statistical measures which are extracted from each image like average, mode, median of image intensity. which feature u suggest me to improve my classification and decrease miss classification. Thank you


Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 6 Dec 2012
No one can help you (yet) because you didn't give enough information for anyone to help you.
Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 14 Dec 2012
How are the different image classes defined?

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Ghasem Hassanpour
Ghasem Hassanpour on 11 May 2013
You cannot find the best features directly. Because for each problem we can use of different set of features. Nobody can say which feature is the best. It depends on your problem and your data. Extract the features of your data, then use one of the feature selection methods to give you suitable features or you can use of different features and finally compare the results. Test your data and evaluate the results by one of the performance evaluation methods. Good luck.


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