Add noise to image-datastore using "Randn" command on Matlab

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Mohamed Elbeialy
Mohamed Elbeialy on 7 Jul 2020
Commented: Mohamed Elbeialy on 14 Jul 2020
I have used command Randn, but still give me the same accuraccy result even after changing the noise magnitude. Why accuracy still same? how image can be affected by noise
used commands :
K = imcrop(A,[116 50 675 534]);
b = 20*randn(size(K));
Mohamed Elbeialy
Mohamed Elbeialy on 14 Jul 2020
As changing magnitude, the noise will increase on image. However, when trying to train this image on matlab "deep learning", it keeps givening me the same training accuracy evern with different noise magnitudes. why? what idology is running ?

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