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'retime' with multiple methods?

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alpedhuez on 7 Jul 2020
Edited: alpedhuez on 7 Jul 2020
'retime' uses a method to aggregate data
TT3 = retime(TT,'hourly','mean')
Is it possible to use two methods to calculate mean and standad deviation,
TT3 = retime(TT,'hourly',{'mean','@std'}) (this does not work)
Or is it possible to have a function manipulation?
TT3 = retime(TT,'hourly',@std*@mean) (this does not work)


Rik on 7 Jul 2020
After >200 question you should have learned to describe your intended output.
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 7 Jul 2020
The documentation for retime > method states that method can be character vector | string scalar | function handle and the function handle must return a scalar. You can use the mean and std separately and then combine the output tables.
alpedhuez on 7 Jul 2020
To Rik: if you explain a bit more I will work on it.
To Adam: I did. But try to simplify.

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Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 7 Jul 2020
If you want to return the product of the standard deviation and the mean for the data in each time period, something like this (which I have not tried) should work:
TT3 = retime(TT, 'hourly', @(x) std(x)*mean(x))
As stated on the documentation page for retime the method input may be a function handle, but if it is it "must return an output argument that is a scalar or a row vector, and must accept empty inputs."
If you want to apply multiple methods to the variables in your timetable see the "Apply Multiple Methods to Timetable" example on the documentation page to which I linked earlier.

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