How to stop recurring error message if Ctrl+C doesn't work!? (help!!!)

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Michael on 10 Dec 2012
I tried to surf plot a discrete Laplacian matrix operator and it has broken MATLAB... I managed to close the figure, but the command line is continuously typing
"> In closereq at 24 Warning: Too many objects created while deleting axes children; removing DelectFcn of all descendants to prevent infinite loop"
It outputs this a few times every second and I can't terminate it! Normallt I'd just shut MATLAB down but I spent 2 days on a simulation and I haven't saved the results yet. Does anyone know a way to make it stop?
Thanks Mike

Answers (2)

Babak on 12 Dec 2012
Ctrl+C works when the command window is the "current" or "chosen" window of MATLAB. You need to click on this window before doing ctrl+C.
You can save your data, by doing somehting like
save data.mat
in the middle of the loop where your simulation is running so that the data won't be lost. Your data ofcourse over-writes itself everytime you run
save data.mat
If your simulation is very long, you can do a smarted way of saving the data, by saving it every 5 min under different names for example, but watch not to flush your workspace memory.

Jan on 12 Dec 2012
When Ctrl-C does not help, it seems like Matlab has reached an infinite loop. When you do not have access to the command line, you have to kill the Matlab session, such that the 2 days of work are lost.
Sorry. It was a bad idea not to save the intermediate data frequently.

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