Save figures with saveas function

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Qian on 11 Dec 2012
When I have a m.file with plot function codes, and at last there is this line of: print -djpeg100 aaaa
I'm not sure this is doing, when I run that file, isn't it going to output the plot I need? And I'm just wondering is there anyway to save the plot instead of saving it and naming it manually. I tried with saveas function, but it gives the non-colored result. If my ploting code names as plot_a,would I be able to name the plot the same name without type plot_a as the file name? Thanx!

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Arthur on 11 Dec 2012
You mean you want to set the filename yourself? You can use uiputfile for that.
[filename dirname] = uiputfile; %set file name and location
fullname = fullfile(dirname,filename); %make full file name
print('djpg100',fullname) %save plot as fullname

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