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Display multiple causes of an error settings

Asked by Alexandru on 11 Dec 2012
Hello all,
What settings (and where) should I do for displaying the multiple causes of an error.
For example if I build a model and I miss some parameters (that I used in the model) in workspace how is possible to receive an error showing me all this parameters (at the same time) that I miss?
At the moment I receive an error for one parameter, then I save it, then I try to build the model again and I get another error with the next parameter that I forgot to save in workspace, and so on... I do not what this to happen.. it would be perfect to display the multiple causes of the error.
Thanks! Bye!


on 11 Dec 2012
Which Matlab/Simulink version you are using ?
I'm using the 2011b version.

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2 Answers

Answer by TAB
on 12 Dec 2012

I am also using same version and I can see all the missing parameters at one time. And I don't think that there is any special setting for that. See may error dialog:
You can try in another way also.
In command window enter command
>> get_param('YourModel','ReferencedWSVars')
This returns all the model parameters which are from workspace. And for missing parameters it give error listing all the missing parameters.


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Answer by Alexandru on 12 Dec 2012

While compiling the model I want to display all the errors (in one) via command line.


on 12 Dec 2012
This is what i got using command
>> get_param('YourModel','ReferencedWSVars')
Use this command before you start the model compilation/simulation. I don't think you have even tried this.
Hey, First thank you for trying to help me.
I tried this command when you wrote me first above, but still I get the error only about the first parameter... I was thinking that it's about a Matlab setting about how to display an error..
on 12 Dec 2012
I don't know what could be the reason. But you can go through command Simulink.findVars. It is used to trace the variables/parameters used in model. I have never used this in practice.
Below are the other links which explains its usage:

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