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Iterative Gauss-Newton Optimization?

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Otto on 16 Dec 2012
Hi All,
I want to fit a nonlinear model of f(x,a0,a1)=a0*(1-exp(-a1*x)) to the data given below. The independent and dependent variables are x and y respectively. İnitial estimate values of a0=1 and a1=1 for coefficients to be used. Variables are:
x=[0.25 0.75 1.25 1.75 2.25] y=[0.28 0.57 0.68 0.74 0.79]
Optimization for this problem using Gauss-Newton method is Mandatory for a special task. Does anyone have a simple gauss-newton optimization code?(What i mean by a simple code is that, there is no need for an extra damping process in this code. Just an iterative gauss newton optimization for 10 iteration is clearly enough.)I have to use and present an original code, therefore I can not utilize MATLAB's optimization toolbox.
I will appreciate for any immediate help! The case is very urgent, i have only one day to complete this task. Thanks already for your interest!

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bym on 16 Dec 2012
these slides pretty much outline what you are trying to do (with an example of your exact equation). Show some code and highlight where you are having problems

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