how to set ActiveX invisible

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Fan Sudi
Fan Sudi on 18 Dec 2012
Hello all,
how to set the ActiveX invisible on figure.
the code :
LEDHandle = actxcontrol( 'MWNUMLED.NumLEDCtrl.1', LEDPos );
Fan Sudi
Fan Sudi on 18 Dec 2012
Array must be numeric or logical.
this should be: LEDHandle.Enabled = 0 ; or LEDHandle.Enabled = 1 ;
but it didn't work.

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Answers (2)

Mark Whirdy
Mark Whirdy on 18 Dec 2012
Edited: Mark Whirdy on 18 Dec 2012
The link below alludes to an "offcolor" property - does this do anything?
Otherwise if the writer of the object didn't create a visible property/method there's not much can be done, I'd suggest a hokey workaround of creating a gui-panel on top of the object and making it visible/invisible to reveal the object underneath.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Dec 2012
I suspect offcolor refers to it being a LED indicator emulator, with one color for "on" and another color for "off". If there is any kind of frame around the indicator, setting offcolor to the surrounding color would leave the frame visible.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Dec 2012
Perhaps a MATLAB uicontrol('Style', 'radio') or 'checkbox' would meet your needs? You can set the CData property to draw any rectangular shape where the object would go, and that CData will not change with the Value of the control, so when it was time to change the color of the "LED" you would change its CData.

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