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How to use String array in a custom Message in Simulink?

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David Shawky
David Shawky on 28 Jul 2020
Answered: Josh Chen on 22 Jan 2021
I have a custom message imported in matlab which requires Velocity and Name. In the custom msg file, Name is defined as string[] name. So I read The robotrosmessageExample and followed the same procedure, However I get an error in ros of a dimension mismatch. I used same messages in matlab and It worked fine. So How can this issue be resolved ?
The model is attached in the screenshot below with the code of matlab function.
Thank you for your time
function msg = assignString(blankMsg)
stringToAssign = '[blade_joint_1; blade_joint_2; blade_joint_3; blade_joint_4; blade_joint_5; blade_joint_6]';
msg = blankMsg;
strLength = length(stringToAssign);
msg.Data(1:strLength) = uint8(stringToAssign);
msg.Data_SL_Info.CurrentLength = uint32(strLength);

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Josh Chen
Josh Chen on 22 Jan 2021
Hello David,
It seems that the the message you are assigning here is of type "std_msgs/String", have you tried to change the maximum length of the "std_msgs/String" message to match the actual assigned string length?
The screenshot shows the correct pane to set this up, however, I assume it should be the third message (currently it is showing the first message). If this is not the case, please share a model so we can take a look.
Not sure if you've already checked this out, but this example model tries to do a pretty similar work.
Hope this helps.

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