a command for having the ygrid on only , on figure , with set(gca , ),, ... .. ...How ?

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, So I dont have to take out the xgrid manualy for big number of figures

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Dec 2012
set(gca, 'YGrid', 'on', 'XGrid', 'off')
Ibrahim Greiby
Ibrahim Greiby on 22 Dec 2012
Edited: Ibrahim Greiby on 22 Dec 2012
Sorry I had to go away Now I got it thank you Walter and image anlayst
this is example
set(figure,'Units','inches','Position',[7 0.5 7 5],'DefaultAxesFontName','Arial', ... 'DefaultAxesFontSize',12,'DefaultAxesFontWeight','Normal');
% plot(y,'Color','r','Marker', 'o'); plot(y,'-.ms','lineWidth',1.5,'MarkerEdgeColor','m','MarkerFaceColor','g','MarkerSize',10); set(gca, 'YGrid', 'on', 'XGrid','off');
text(1,.7,['\fontsize{16}Thanks {\color{magenta}for '... '\color[rgb]{0 .5 .5}your \color{red}concern} and answer It help allot']) legend(gca,'Thank you \circALLOOOT','location','northeast'); box on ylabel('y','FontSize',12,'fontweight','Normal'); xlabel('x','FontSize',12,'fontweight','Normal');

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