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Simscape Electrical Solver configuration

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Sea Bea
Sea Bea on 2 Aug 2020 at 18:07
I am using Simulink simscape electrical. Initially I verified my simulink electrical simulation circuit against my LT spice model of the switching regulator (buckboost) for a variety of use cases. Recently I have been getting some unexpected results in Simulink, e.g. the output voltage doesnt reach the desired setpoint regardless of dutycycle. So I went back to LT Spice to check and it seems there is a discrepancy.
I have the following solver setup windows to play with:
  1. Model Settings > Solver
  2. Block Parameters > Solver Configuration
I have played around with most of the parameters to see what changes occur but it's mostly at random, including:
  • Alternating between fixed and variable step
  • Using Backward Euler and Trapezoidal Rule solvers
  • Turning zero crossing detection on & off
  • Reducing sampling time to the minimum possible without introducing aliasing from my switching converter
None of this makes my output resemble my LT Spice model. How can I set up my solver to make it produce results consistent with LT Spice?
In Solver Configuration we have the option of using a local solver or unchecking this box? Does this mean we can feed in some external solver, .e.g. LT SPice or other spice software somehow?


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