dSpace software cannot synch with Matlab 2020a

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I just installed the dSpace release 2015-A 64 bit. But it cannot b synched on the Matlab 2020a. Is it because it is not compatible?

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Divya Gaddipati
Divya Gaddipati on 10 Aug 2020
Browse the following links for version compatibilities between products from MathWorks and dSPACE products:
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Nuraina Syahira Mohd Sharifuddin
Thank you for your response. I installed the dSpace release 2015-A with dspace controldesk 5.4. and tried to use with my MATLAB 2013b 64-bit since that is the compatible one. But it still cannot synch with the MATLAB. MATLAB is unable to detect the presence of the dspace software because all of the blockset library that can be used to connect to the dspace control board is absent.

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